Shayne Pruitt

I am Shayne Pruitt and I truly appreciate you taking the time to view some of my work. Photography has been a passion of mine for many years. It started back in the film days when I first borrowed my mom's Minolta SLR. I was delighted in how a moment could be captured through the lens of a camera and how time could be made stand still within the frame of a photograph. It was truly an inspiring moment for me.

After a couple years of constant experimentation I enrolled at the Southeastern Center for the Photographic Arts in Atlanta, Georgia. There I learned all about the technical aspects of photography as well as color and black and white darkroom. I was fortunate to work alongside some very talented and accomplished professionals who served as great mentors by helping me develop my eye and my own photographic style.

Since those days everything has gone digital and the doors to creative photography have swung wide open. It's truly a great time to be involved in the photographic and graphic arts. God has created and allowed us to be a part of an amazing world and what better way to enjoy and appreciate it than to capture those spectacular and fleeting moments, frozen in time, for all to relish for eternity.

Most of my photography resorts from the north Georgia area where I currently reside. I hope someday to travel and capture more of the world around us, but until then, there's still much to be enjoyed here. While I also photograph people, my true passion lies in the abstract and the creative aspects of design through composition and color. I believe you will find that to be very obvious as you look through my photos.

Thank you again - I hope you have enjoyed viewing my photography as much as I have enjoyed creating it. All of my work is for sale and if you need manipulated versions of any of these images for commercial applications, please contact me.

Shayne Pruitt